Thursday, January 29, 2009

Latter to the FIAT CEO, INDIA

Right from a childhood i hav been a very much attracted by FIAT , i don know how actually i developed my interest in this brand but of all the automobile brand across world ,FIAT impresses me the most with all its awesome R&D and technologies.. my heart jus beats super whenever i see a fiat car on the roads of bangalore..

Just when i heard about the release of FIAT 500 in INDIA i was amazed and went to check it out @ a TATA showroom near lalbhag in Bangalore.. When i entered they gave me a good service but when i asked a person about 500 he just guided me to another one and tat man was not at all interested in selling a car, not only that man but no one in the showroom were interested to sell a FIAT car, they didn't even provided me with a brochure even though i asked them for one. after this i went there again 2 times to check their behavior but they never changed their view on a FIAT car.. I don't know whats wrong with them but this is surely isn’t good for FIAT to reestablish in India..

I am a student of Mechanical Engineering here in Bangalore and my heart really beats for FIAT and i want it to develop as big as Maruti Suzuki as it deserves to be the best among them. There's no doubt it is way superior considering automation technology and even price compared with others like maruti Suzuki...

Thank you sir.

Hope you will look into this problem for FIAT. Soon after i finish off with Mechanical Engineering i hope to join FIAT Auto and contribute my life for FIAT worldwide :)

From a FIAT well wisher :)